6 Best Tips on How to Deal with Noisy Neighbors

Are your neighbors quite disruptive to your day to day life? Find out how you can deal with noisy neighbors the right way.Unless you reside in a remote location, chances are you have or have had some pretty noisy neighbors that don’t think about anyone else around them.

Whether they are blasting their music, revving the car they are working on, allowing their children to scream at the top of their lungs, or the nonstop barking of their dog(s), you are wondering what course of action you can take. Of course, your mind goes to stomping around your place, or even some sort of other revenge that you typically do when playing the Sims 4.

But we are all grownups here, so how do you come to a solution that is mature, respectful, and kind for everyone involved? Well, you are in luck, we have come up with a few options for you today.

6 Ways on How to Deal with Noisy Neighbors

If you want to keep things civil between you and your neighbors, you will want to try one or all these ways on how to deal with your noisy neighbors. Not only will it show everyone you know how to handle a stressful situation, but you’ll keep the peace among everyone as well.

1. What to do first? Talk to Them

You may have some noisy neighbors, and let’s be frank here, not everyone is a mind reader. Before you start taking any desperate measures, you should start out with talking to your neighbors about the noise.

What you may not know is your neighbor may not even realize they are being THAT loud or disrupting your day to day life with their noise.

If you have a specific reason what exactly is bothering you when it comes to their noise, do not be afraid to state it. Not everyone is going to be difficult, this will allow your neighbor to know what they should fix or be aware of in the future.

You should know that not everyone is going to be a monster. Not everyone is not going to listen to you. Many neighbors simply do not realize what their habits may be, may interfere with someone else’s life when they live in such close quarters.

When going over to talk to the noisy neighbor, many sources including Nationwide Insurance recommends that you bring over some sort of baked goods. This is to help soften the blow of an awkward conversation that is about to happen.

2. Come Up with a Compromise and/or Plan

So, you went over and you talked to your neighbors, and you found out that they had a legitimate reason for the noise that you absolutely hate so much. This noise could be them renovating their home, having their band rehearse, or sleep training their newborn.

Whatever, the reason may be, instead of walking off angrily that there is nothing you can do to please both of you, instead sit down and come up with some sort of compromised plan.

This plan could be anything from having set hours for their band to rehearse, no loud noise before 8 am, etc.

Of course, this will only work if both of you are willing to come to an agreement. Always first try and make a plan that can fit both schedules without it feeling like one or the other is living with an overbearing parent.

3. Come Up with Solutions Beforehand

Let’s say the issue with your noisy neighbor has to do with them playing loud music during the nighttime hours and you must be up early in the morning for work.

Here’s what you can do, prior to going to talk to your neighbor, you could come up with solutions to this problem first.

For the theory at hand, a solution could be use wireless headphones, lower the volume of the music past a certain time, etc.

But, if the problem is something that can easily be fixed like the theory above, do not be afraid to have a few solutions while you go talk to your neighbor.

4. Give the Noisy Neighbor a Warning

So, you have already tried talking to your neighbor, coming up with solutions, and even went as far as trying to compromise with a plan, but they are just not following through on their part.

Before you decide it is time to get the police involved or another extreme tactic, go back to your neighbor and just give them a warning. Just let them know that if this continues, you will have no other choice but to contact either your landlord, the homeowner’s association, the management company, or in worse situations the police department.

When you relay this information over to your neighbor, you will want to do this as maturely as you can. Do not try and instigate an argument with them. You want to come over there as calm and cool as you possibly can be. This will help alleviate any tension that could possibly start a fight where the cops will need to get involved right then and there.

5. Get in Contact with Your Landlord, HOA, or Management Company

Now, if you warn your neighbor that they left you no choice, but to get your landlord, homeowners association, or management company involved did not fix the situation at hand, then it is time to file your complaint.

When filing your complaint it is always best to include the times and dates of the incidents at hand. You can even document how you tried to solve the issue by bringing the situation up to them, tried to compromise, and even gave them a fair warning that you would have to get someone else involved if things did not settle down.

When filing a complaint, you can always ask them to keep you in the loop with updates on how the situation is going. But we can guarantee, if the noise level decreases then you know everything is in working order. You may have a mad neighbor, but there is nothing you can do when they didn’t try and resolve with you in the previous steps.

6. How to Report Noisy Upstairs Neighbors to Police

Now, if talking to your landlord, homeowner’s association, or management company still didn’t do the trick, then you only have one final option left. And no, this option is not to take matters into your own hands and get the broom to make their life a living nightmare.

The only option you have left is contacting your local police department. We know getting the police involved in these types of manners is not always the best idea, because it can cause rifts between neighbors and even neighbors who are not involved in this matter. When it comes to getting this under control, you have nothing left to do, but file a noise complaint with them.

When speaking to the police and filing your complaint, you will need to show that you tried to resolve the issue at hand with them prior to contacting them. But what you should really do is if they are playing excessively loud music at night to the point that it is keeping you up, you should contact them then. Do not wait and contact them during the day when there is no noise going on. This will allow the police to observe the situation firsthand and not through your mouth. Not to mention they will be more than willing to try and fix the issue when the issue is happening versus when the issue is not currently happening.