How Nevada Legal Services Helps with Bankruptcy

Nevada Legal Services provides assistance to Nevadans interested in filing for bankruptcy in 2 ways.

In our Las Vegas Office, our intake specialists will evaluate your case to determine if a bankruptcy filing can stop harassing creditors or ease your financial burden. Our Las Vegas Office has several attorneys who can file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for low-income individuals. If our attorneys cannot assist you in filing bankruptcy, you may qualify for placement with a volunteer pro bono attorney at no cost to you.

In our Reno Office, we hold monthly Bankruptcy Education Seminars that anyone interested in filing for bankruptcy may attend. Following the seminar, if you still want further assistance filing the bankruptcy, we will evaluate your case to see if you might qualify for assistance with a pro bono attorney. If you are not eligible for assistance from a pro bono attorney, we also offer self help assistance in filing the bankruptcy on your own with guidance from our panel of pro bono attorneys along the way.

If you live outside of Reno, please feel free to call our pro bono program to see if we are holding a Bankruptcy Education Seminar near you or you would like to see if you qualify for pro bono placement for help filing your bankruptcy.

More information about filing for bankruptcy in Nevada can be found at the website for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Nevada. The Federal Courts also provide information on Bankruptcy Basics.

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