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Updated on: December 13, 2020

About South Carolina Department of Corrections

This all started back in 1866. This is when you will find the first-ever Department of Corrections inside the state of South Carolina. Was there any sort of department like that prior to this? The answer is a simple no, this was the first prison structure/corrections department for the state. However, you should note that during the next few decades, the South Carolina Department of Corrections would go under many changes. It would be rebranded a few times to finally get it to where it is today. As of today, they have around 6,000 employees that work for them. They have custody of around 20,000 offenders on any given day as well. The main vision here at the South Carolina Department of Corrections is to always advance upon what they’ve been able to complete. They want to always open doors for inmates to do better when it comes to personal development.

Basic Information

Department Name South Carolina Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location PO Box 21787 4444 Broad River Road Columbia SC 29210
Phone Number 803-896-8500

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