Mandatory Parenting Classes (Clark County only)

If the parties have children under 18 and are filing in Clark County, the parties MUST both complete a 3 ½ hour parenting class within 45 of the defendant receiving the complaint or petition. (This class is only required in Clark County.) If your county requires the class:

The parties may attend the class separately and may take the class online.

The Decree of Divorce will NOT be granted until both parties have filed a Certificate of Completion for the course.

The course is offered by Palo Verde Child and Family Services (243-4357) or Family Solutions (395-8417) for $40 per parent. There are also online providers of the course.

Fee waivers for the class can be obtained through the court.

The course is available in Spanish.

The parties may request waiver of program attendance but they must have a good reason for it. Waiver is rarely granted.

If one party has not responded to the divorce and is refusing to take the class, the court may still allow the other spouse to proceed as long as the cooperating spouse has attended the class.