If You Have Been Served With Divorce Papers

If you are the defendant, your Answer MUST be filed within 20 days of service to prevent the court from issuing a Default.

To answer a divorce complaint, the defendant may:

  • File an Answer agreeing to the terms set forth in the Complaint. If the defendant agrees to all terms in the Complaint and he or she files an uncontested Answer, the parties will need to attend a prove up hearing or they may request a summary disposition to finalize the divorce.
  • File an Answer and Counterclaim denying some or all of the terms set forth in the Complaint and presenting his or her alternate terms; OR
  • Default by not filing an Answer but the plaintiff will receive all he or she requested.

Please note that there are filing fees for filing an Answer, which vary by county. If you are low-income, you may can apply for a fee waiver through the court.