How to Locate VITA Sites and What Are They?

Need help filing your taxes? You may benefit from locating a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program that will help you file your taxes for free. Find out how.VITA or also known as the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance is a program that offers free tax help to those people who make under $55,000, people with limited English skills, and people with disabilities who need the extra assistance in doing their taxes.

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program has IRS-certified volunteers that will provide this free yet basic income tax help for these eligible people mentioned above.

Alongside the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, there is also TCE or also known as the Tax Counseling for the Elderly. The Tax Counseling for the Elderly is another program, but this program will offer free tax services for taxpayers who are over the age of 60. These IRS-certified volunteers can help the elderly with any of their retirement and pension-related questions.

What Will the Nevada Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Help With?

First and foremost, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program will not help you with all your tax questions. They are only obligated to help you with the following tax questions, comments, and concerns:

  • Salaries, wages, etc.
  • Dividends received
  • Interest income
  • Unemployment benefits
  • State tax refunds
  • Pension income
  • IRA distributions
  • Simple capital gain/loss
  • Social security benefits
  • Self-employment income
  • Sale of home
  • Cancellation of debt
  • Gambling winnings
  • Limited itemized deductions
  • Health savings account
  • Child tax credit
  • Education credit
  • ACA statements
  • Earned income credit
  • Limited Amend and prior year returns

What to Bring to the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program?

In order to get help as quickly and efficiently as possible, you are going to need to bring some documents with you. These documents are going to be vital for you to get help while you are using the program.

You will need to bring the following:

  • If you are filing jointly, both of you will need to be present
  • Bring all 1099s and W-2s
  • Information for all credits and deductions
  • Information for all income
  • Your copy of the previous year’s tax return
  • Account information for deposit of refund
  • Your social security cards
  • Government-issued identification card for you and your spouse
  • The amount paid to the daycare provider along with the company’s tax ID number
  • Birth dates for your spouse, you and your dependents
  • ACA statements

How to Locate VITA Sites?

You can typically locate a Tax Counseling for the Elderly or the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site in neighborhood centers, community centers, shopping malls, libraries, and other easily accessible placed throughout your community.

You can either use this nifty VITA locator tool or call this toll-free number 800-906-9887.

If you need a Tax Counseling for the Elderly, you should know that most of these sites will be operated by the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program. To locate a Tax Counseling for the Elderly, you can use the AARP Site Locator Tool or you can call the toll-free number 888-227-7669.