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Updated on: November 1, 2020

About Indiana Department of Corrections

Many people do not know that the biggest department in the state of Indiana is their Department of Corrections. How come it is their biggest department within the state? Well, for starters they hire over 6,400 people and they deal with around 10,000 people who are on parole, while another 450 adolescents are in their facilities and an additional 25,000 people are in the adult prisons. As of today, the Indiana Department of Corrections controls the following buildings:
  • 5 Adolescent Facilities
  • 10 Parole Offices
  • 18 Adult Facilities
You should note that the Indiana Department of Corrections is state-operated organization and focuses on the entire state and not just a portion of said state. All the operations here in the DOC are closely monitored by the higher-ups. The higher-ups want to ensure that everything in their facilities and offices in the state are following all state-mandated guidelines and that the safety is still there. They will have technology throughout all offices as well for safety and training purposes.

Basic Information

Department Name Indiana Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 302 W. Washington Street, Room E-334, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone Number (317) 232-5711

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