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Updated on: October 25, 2020

About Idaho Department of Correction

The Idaho Department of Corrections or IDOC for short is an agency that solely keeps a watchful eye over the corrections within the great state of Idaho. The Idaho Department of Corrections is responsible not only for those who are in their facilities, but also those who need the post-trial supervision or better known as probation and parole. As of today, the Department of Corrections within the state of Idaho has the following buildings:
  • Four Buildings for Corrections
  • Ten State Facilities for imprisonment.
You should note that the Department of Corrections inside Idaho will also take advantage of the district prison cells and even out of state facilities to help house their offenders. While their probation and parole offenders will always be sent to an office in a locality to where they are living at within the state of Idaho. The Department of Corrections has nearly 2,000 people who work for them. Most of these people are officers of some sort.

Basic Information

Department Name Idaho Department of Correction
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 1299 N. Orchard St., Suite 110Boise, ID 83706
Phone Number (208) 658-2000

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