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Updated on: December 12, 2020

About Alabama Department of Corrections

The state of Alabama was finally allowed into the union back in 1819. For some time, the state did not opt-in to having any sort of correctional structure/process set in place. It would not be until the civilians between the 1820s along with the 1830s where they rioted for some sort of correctional structure/process. This is when officials started taking the concerns of their people seriously and were open to the changes that the people were rioting for. The corrections department in the beginning stages brought many jobs along with many new changes within the prison structure here in the great state of Alabama. There would no longer be unruly individuals as the corrections department started making their rules and facilities. When starting out the department of corrections had around 3,400 employees that were responsible for nearly 26,000 detainees. Within the next few years, the department of corrections continued to grow and grow into what it is today.

Basic Information

Department Name Alabama Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 301 S. Ripley Street, P.O. Box 301501, Montgomery, AL
Phone Number 334-353-3883

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